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From previous page                   these lambs were only 8-10 weeks old. The
                                            lambs are away averaging well over £100,
       Hans flock alongside later purchases from   really pleased! Will be buying more Suffolk
       Robert Neil’s Rosiebank flock. Stock rams   tups direct from farm this year again.”
       have been selected very carefully over the
       years with the biggest influences being   Flock successes over the years have
       Bentley Fly Half, Spotsmains Kelso and   included being Reserve champion at the
       Langside Premier. The Ingrams select their   Royal Welsh show last year and then going
       best ram lamb each year and this is very   on to being part of the winning interbreed
       heavily used in their own flocks.    pair. A Logie Durno ram was also reserve
                                            male champion at the Highland show. Mr
       Gregor Ingram said “our approach to   Ingram said “We have taken great pride
       breeding Suffolks has been very much   in selling rams privately this year to both
       commercial with the ewes lambed in   Capielaw and Roxburgh Mains, as well as
       February, getting the ewes and lambs   semen to the Sitlow flock who have received
       outside at a week old. We have succeeded   prices of up to 3,000gns for sons of Logie
       in breeding a Suffolk which is long, clean   Durno Sonny Bill.”
       and full of flesh throughout the top line
       and hind quarters with a good covering of   Going forward, the Logie Durno aim is
       fat. We have raised our fat levels over the   to carry on increasing the number of
       years which we think is vital to keeping a   commercial Suffolk rams for sale, and
       healthy flock and producing rams from   also to sell the very best rams to other
       grass. Another unique part of our breeding   pedigree flocks. The Logie Durno vision
       has been to cull any sheep with excessively   is for Suffolks to continue to deliver as the
       heavy bone and heads as we have found   leading domestic terminal sire, a functional
                                            sheep with great growth, fleshing and a
 “We have succeeded   they don’t milk as well, and the rams look   nice sized silky head to breed both prime
       poor from grass.”
                                            lambs and breeding females. The Ingrams
 in breeding a Suffolk   Performance  recording  has  been  a  big   see a fantastic future for the breed and think
                                            it’s a great choice for commercial farmers
       feature of Logie Durno breeding and
       the Ingrams use the results extensively   who want to produce abattoir lambs and
 which is long, clean and   when customers are selecting rams. Their   replacement ewes. ■
       breeding programme is aimed at producing
 full of flesh throughout   a good looking sheep as well as one with
       high figures and they are now at the stage
       where their best sheep are both high index
 the top line and hind   and attractive aesthetically. They regularly
       have lambs up at 70kg with 40mm + muscle
       at backfat scanning time run on a relatively
 quarters with a good   commercial system.

 covering of fat”  Owen Morgan (Brecon), one of Logie
       Durno’s newer customers said “I used
       Suffolk tups last year from Logie Durno for
 Gregor Ingram  the first time alongside other terminal sires.
       The Suffolk x lambs have outperformed
       everything else. We were picking out lambs
       at 38kg and they were killing out up to 52%,
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