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A Suffolk ram bred as part of the Ortum Flock in Lincolnshire

              leads for Muscle Depth EBV in the RamCompare Results
               op ram for Muscle Depth Estimated   From the two years of data collected
               Breeding Value (EBV) on RamCompare   at Hutts Farm, shown in the chart, you
          T this year is Suffolk ram 78X:17:00839   can see the strong correlation between
          bred by Richard Garner’s Ortum flock based   the Muscle Depth EBV of the sire with
          near Horncastle, Lincolnshire. He is one of the   the progeny’s adjusted muscle depth
          highest ever recorded in the first four years of   measurement.  Ortum  78X:17:00839
          the project and has been used for two years   clearly had the highest Muscle Depth
          at Hutts Farm based in Ripon, Yorkshire which   EBV when compared with other rams on
          is one of the RamCompare commercial farm   test (a combination of Texels, Charollais
          partners. Their organic North of England   and Meatlincs).
          Mule flock lambs outdoors in May, with
          lambs finished off forage wherever possible.   The genetic progress seen in the Ortum
          Sires, including the Ortum Suffolk ram, were   flock makes them a leading recorded
          selected with high levels of muscling to   Suffolk flock for this trait. It is not just
          compliment these maternal genetics.   the EBVs, which have gone up – the
                                                physical measurements collected have
          For Richard, the use of ultrasound scanning   increased over time too. The average
          to select sheep for superior muscle depth   Ortum lamb today has an extra 2mm
          has been a major breeding objective and   of muscle at scanning (compared to
          within the Suffolk breed, 78X:17:00839 sits   2002-2005), which might sound modest
          in the top 1% for Muscle Depth EBV – as well   – but is equivalent to an increasing in
          as being Top 1% for CT Lean Weight and   muscling of around 5-7% of the overall
          Terminal Sire Index.                  carcase. ■
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