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The Logie Durno sheep enterprise is proof positive that
                                                                                                   Suffolks are a winning option for commercial farmers

                                                                                                   he Ingram’s Logie Durno commercial   They have a flock of 150 registered pedigree
                                                                                                                                    Suffolk ewes which lamb in February. They also
                                                                                                   sheep enterprise is focused
          Foreword                                                                            T on  producing  high  performing     use recipients to carry embryos from their top
                                                                                              rams with all the required traits for the
                                                                                                                                    bloodlines. The flock produced 80 shearling
                                                                                                                                    rams primarily from grass and are sold privately
                                                                                              commercial farmer. They currently run
                                                                                              3,500 ewes which are all MV Accredited,
                                                                                              Scrapie  Monitored  and  performance   from farm and delivered throughout the UK.
                                                                                              recorded with Signet. In 2020 Logie Durno   The foundation of the flock was made up
                ext year we will be celebrating 135   by the hot summers                      produced 850 rams for sale.           with shearling ewes purchased from the
                years of the Suffolk Sheep Society   and associated
         Nand the Suffolk ram is still the leading   respiratory problems
          domestic terminal sire in the UK and Ireland.   in some breeds,
          Suffolk sired lamb produces an excellent   commercial farmers
          early lamb with great muscling and marbling   are becoming more reliant on the Suffolk
          to deliver the taste, flavour and texture   ram as  many other breeds  struggle to
          demanded by today’s consumer.         perform in the current hot summers.
          Because the Suffolk can deliver in a variety   Traditionally a terminal sire, more and
          of environments and isn’t adversely affected   more farmers are also using Suffolks
                                                for their maternal qualities and are
                                                discovering that difficulties such as
                                                mastitis are not an issue with Suffolk ewes.
                                                Introducing Suffolk genetics into a
                                                commercial flock can only benefit financially,
                                                a faster finished lamb, with excellent
                                                muscling and marbling makes perfect
                                                financial sense. So whether your business
                                                is prime, store or breeding lambs, Suffolks
                                                continue to deliver for the producer, the
                                                processor and the consumer.
                                                Robin McIlrath
                                                Breed Secretary & CEO
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