French Placement Student

By Suffolk Sheep Society 20th May, 2015

4 Week Placement

If any member could facilialte this placement student please contact Jean Marie Poirier at Odyssée Agri.

Details :

Odyssée Agri has got one applicant coming from Burgundy who wish to come from the 9th of september until the 3rd of october. His name is Maxime Grognet. He is 20 years old. He is open to come on a crop, sheep or other farming system.

He has a  technician diploma in agriculture and is preparing an undergraduate diploma in field crop production.

If you are interested, please contact Jean Marie Poirier at Odyssée Agri. There are no fees concerning Odyssée Agri.

Odyssée Agri have a good impression from the applicant.

Odyssée Agri is working in France to place young professional to have a working experience abroad. I can have very different profiles. As an introduction, you can click on the following link and especially on the british flag to get the english version.

 Jean Marie Poirier
Odyssée Agri
Le Bourg
53110 La Baroche Gondouin
Tel : 0033.(0)
Email :


Maxime Grognet cover letter

Certificate Diploma

Odyssée Agri - Maxime Grognet

Maxime Grognet - CV


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