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By Suffolk Sheep Society 13th January, 2015

January 2015 Newsletter

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With New Year’s resolutions still fresh and shiny, January is the month to plan how you will achieve at least some of the things you have always wanted to do on your smallholding, but couldn’t find either the time or the resources!

It may be starting out with a new species of animal to make best use of your land and broaden the range of products you can sell…

or setting up an internet shop to promote your produce and crafts to a wider audience …

or booking onto a course to learn a useful skill, such as hedgelaying, fencing, tractor maintenance, or sausage making…

and if you really want to crack on with some major projects on your smallholding, consider joining WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) – an international organisation that introduces volunteers to organic (not necessarily fully-registered, but following organic principles) farmers and smallholders. You could find that extra pair of helping hands you need to take your smallholding to a new level!


  5 things to remember
...New Year's resolutions
for smallholders

1 Keep a farm diary - invaluable to look back on
1 Learn a new husbandry skill for your livestock - see our DVDs!
1 Make your own bread or cheese
1 Buy more local produce... and advertise your own - even if it's just selling to your neighbours
1 For the kids - grow something edible - even in a pot on the patio

And of course, promise to read
The Smallholder Series monthly 'Things to do' pages for lots of top tips on keeping sheep, chickens, pigs, horses and creating a more productive vegetable garden


things to do on your smallholding this month

There's plenty to do on your smallholding during January. Here are some top tips from our 'Things to Do' pages - available on our website.

  • Now that the ram’s work is done for the year and has left the ewes, check him over paying particular attention to his feet, any areas where the harness may have chafed, and condition
  • Chickens will appreciate a little more carbohydrate in their diet as the weather gets colder, but don’t overdo this – monitor their weight regularly by picking them up, and feed accordingly
  • As winter deepens, you can add some cod-liver oil to the pigs’ ration (no more than half a teaspoon per day for a young pig)
  • If the ground isn’t frozen solid, this is the ideal time to lift any remaining parsnips and store in a cool place close to the house
  • If your horse is rugged, make sure you remove the rug at least once a day to check he is dry, and not excessively warm under his rug

Keep up with all your smallholding tasks with our comprehensive guides to sheep, chickens, pigs ,the vegetable garden and equines. Just click on an image below.

Things to do This Month
Sheep Things to do This Month
Chickens Things to do This Month
Pigs Things to do This Month
Vegetable Garden Things to do This Month
Things to do Equines
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Article of the Month
New Regulations on Food Labelling

Moredun Health Bulletin
Fluke Control in Sheep And Cattle

Green Farm Diary
e’d love to be able to exist off-grid... the compromise with self-sufficiency

NADIS Health Alert
Lice and Sheep Scab

Farming in the News
Subsidised blood tests now available if your flock has a barren rate greater than two percent

Recipe of the Month
Lamb Shank Shepherds Pie


Article of the month

recipe of the month
Article of the month


autumn recipes

Healthy(ish) recipes to kick-start
the New Year.

Balsamic and Parmesan
Roasted Cauliflower


Kale and White Bean Soup

Leek, Potato & Minced Beef Bake

Lamb and Sweet Potato Curry

Pot Roast Pheasant with Celery,
White Wine & Fennel Seeds


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