National Flock Competition 2014 Results

By Suffolk Sheep Society 22nd October, 2014

Bristol Gold Cup returns to Ireland

National Flock Competition 2014


The results are here!

A large entry of 20 Flocks made this a difficult  but enjoyable task for our Judge Alex Gray from the Langside Flock, Lanark.

Thanks go to all that participated for all their time and effort.



Bristol Gold Cup

Overall Winner: Patrick Donnelly (Donrho)       Overall Reserve: S J Buckley (Sitlow)



John Long Cup (Up to 30 ewes)

Winner: W Borthwick (Ballochmyle)     Reserve: Mr. & Mrs. John Pryce (Horton)



WE Lloyd Cup (31-60 ewes)

Winner: Patrick Donnelly (Donrho)        Reserve: County Turf Ltd (Hazeltree)



Keeble Cup (61-100 ewes)

Winner: S J Buckley (Sitlow)                  Reserve:  William Montgomery (Smiddiehill) 



Brooks Cup (>100 ewes)

Winner: JW Hallam & SM Eggleston (Seagrave)      Reserve:  Irene Fowlie (Essie)



Bonnington Salver (Best Flock of Ewes)

Winner: Patrick Donnelly (Donrho)                Reserve: County Turf Ltd (Hazeltree)

Certificate of Merit: JW Hallam & SM Eggleston (Seagrave)  S J Buckley (Sitlow) & P McVerry (Tullywinney)



The Sainsbury Cup (Best Ewe Lambs)

Winner: W Borthwick (Ballochmyle)             Reserve: Patrick Donnelly (Donrho)

Certificate of Merit: Tom Fitzsimon (Sunnyhills) S J Buckley (Sitlow)



The Howard Peel Cup (Best Stud Rams)

Winner            : S J Buckley (Sitlow)             Reserve: Mr. & Mrs. John Pryce (Horton)

Certificate of Merit: P Machray (Middlemuir) & Patrick Donnelly (Donrho)



Chebsey Cup (Progeny Group)

Winner: Patrick Donnelly (Donrho) (Baileys Paddy Power - 94737)

Reserve: Tom Fitzsimon (Sunnyhills) (Rhaedar Topman - 95704)

Certificate of Merit: Irene Fowlie (Essie) (Drinkstone Heavyweight - 94257)


Click Here for details of Donrho Open Day on 6th November 14


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