Innovation for Agriculture invite to day course. Gloucester & Cornwall

By Suffolk Sheep Society 8th October, 2014

Aimed at producers looking to get to grips with worm control

Introduction to Faecal Egg Counting

This four-hour course is aimed at producers looking to get to grips with worm control.

We will go back to basics to understand the problems with worms, their lifecycle and strategies to reduce resistance to wormers. We will then spend a large proportion of the course looking at on-farm faecal egg counting, how and when it might benefit your business, how to carry out an egg count, recording and interpreting the results as well as subsequent management decisions.

We have two dates and locations available:

Wednesday 15th October - Hartpury College, Gloucestershire (12-4pm)
Thursday 16th October - Duchy College, Cornwall (10.30-2.30pm)

Places on this course are limited to 15 people on a first come first served basis. The cost of the course is £45 and includes lunch and refreshments.

For members of IfA participating agricultural societies there is a 50% discount (see list below).

You are welcome to bring along samples with you on the day.

To book your place please visit

For further information or any queries, call Charlotte Johnston on 07779572598 or email

Innovation for Agriculture (IfA) is a new initiative from the Agricultural Societies.

They are creating a number of technical centres across England to deliver new science and innovation to farmers and the wider industry through social media, websites, conferences, farm demonstrations and workshops.

These events are being delivered by the Royal Agricultural Society of England, a founding member of IfA.




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