Letter from Signet

By Suffolk Sheep Society 15th July, 2014

Ref Sale Charts for Shrewsbury and Stirling Sales

Dear Suffolk Member


Just an email to inform you that Sale Charts for both the Shrewsbury and the Stirling sales are now available in the Suffolk section of the Signet website:




I will be attending the Shrewsbury Sale this year and will bring printed charts with me on the Friday.


I am hoping to run one on one flock review sessions on Friday 18th at Shrewsbury from 11am, location to be confirmed on the day. Please drop by and see me if you have the time. If you want to discuss your paper records – please bring them with you.


I will also be demonstrating some new software which calculates inbreeding values (internet connection permitting) – which I think will be of interest to several of you.


I look forward to seeing many of you there.


Best Regards


Lucy Webb-Wilson

Signet Breeding Consultant


Email: lucy.webb-wilson@eblex.ahdb.org.uk

Tel: 024 7647 8721
Fax: 024 7641 9071

Mobile: 07805 784201


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