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By Suffolk Sheep Society 10th June, 2014

June edition

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The Smallholder Series



Things to do on your smallholding this month!

There are lots of useful seasonal tips on our website. Here are a few:

  • Continue creep-feeding lambs but don't give them feed formulated for ewes.
  • If your chickens don't have access to grass, give them plenty of greens such as lettuce and cabbage.
  • As it gets warmer, make sure your pigs have access to shade at all times.
  • Water your vegetable garden late in the evening so that the water is not evaporated by the hot sunshine.

Keep up with all your smallholding tasks with our comprehensive guides to sheep, chickens, pigs and the vegetable garden. Just click on an image below.

Things to do This Month
Vegetable Garden Things to do This Month
Pigs Things to do This Month
Chickens Things to do This Month
Sheep Things to do This Month

New on our Website

Article of the Month
Better Ewe Nutrition Part 1 -
The Role of Grass

Moredun Health Bulletin
Plant poisons on the farm

Green Farm Diary
One ewes' unplanned night of passion with the ram

NADIS Health Alert
Sheep & cattle roundworms and a discussion on mastitis

Advice from World Horse Welfare
Rules for feeding your horse

Recipe of the Month
Lamb steaks with houmous
new potatoes



Article of the month
Article of the month


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Real Smallholders
Do you have an interesting story about your smallholding? How you achieved your dream, or the variety of livestock you have? Maybe you have new products you would like to promote. We'd love to feature you in our 'Real Smallholders' section. Just email us, and we'll send you details of what to include in your story.

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