NADIS Parasite Forecast and Disease Alert

By Suffolk Sheep Society 1st May, 2014

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NADIS Parasite Forecast and Disease Alert






  •  Nematodirus
  •  Coccidiosis
  •  Blowfly Strike
  •  Cattle Roundworms
  • Sheep Roundworms





  •  Uterine Disease
  •  Anthelmintic Resistance







Milk fever is still one of the most common diseases of the calving cow; in this webinar Associate Professor Richard Laven BVetMed, PhD Lond., MRCVS looks at how to recognise treat and prevent this condition.

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Parasite Forecast
Image above : Urine Scalding
The Parasite Forecast outlines the parasitic challenge facing cattle and sheep in the different UK regions. This month’s webinar includes  Nematodirus and Coccidiosis in lambs and preventing blowfly strike in sheep.

Disease Alert
Image above : Uterine Disease
Now spring calving is underway, minimising factors which may be detrimental to fertility in the coming breeding season will be important. Livestock are also being turned out to pasture and it’s time to start reviewing worming strategies. In this webinar James Aitken BSc BVetMed MRCVS, of Orchard Veterinary Group in Glastonbury discusses uterine disease in cattle, and how to minimise the risk of developing anthelmintic resistance.

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