Photography Competition 2013 Winners

By Suffolk Sheep Society 4th February, 2014

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2013 Photography Competition Results

We have judged the photographs received for the 2013 competition and we would like to thank everyone who entered.

Congratulations to all our winners who will be receiving a prize of £25 each.


Here are the winning photographs for 2013:

Class 1 - Pedigree group of Suffolk Sheep 

Winner : Catherine Derryman- Yarcombe Flock - Devon

Catherine Derryman Winner Class 1 2013


Class 2 & 3 Commercial Suffolk X Sheep

Winner: Stephen Kirkup

Class 4 Growing up with Suffolks

Joint Winners: Charlotte Brayley, Barkip Flock - Ayrshire

Charlotte Brayley Joint Winner  Class 4 2013


Joint Winner: Catherine Derryman - Yarcombe Flock - Devon

Catherine Derryman Joint Winner Class 4 2013


Class 5 - A Suffolk Winter Scene

Winner: Shona Fleming representing the Westmuir Flock - Roxburghshire


2014 Photography Competition will be launched shortly - so keep your cameras handy!

Click on photo below for full screen view.

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