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Welcome to our first edition of Commercial Suffolks. The
              Suffolk breed has been to the forefront of the UK & Irish
              sheep meat industry since the 1800’s and the Suffolk
              ram is still the leading domestic terminal sire throughout
              the UK and Ireland.

              While much of the focus of the Society over the summer months is
              on the pedigree show and sale season, the Society is fully aware that
              this has to be underpinned with a product that meets the requirements
              of the commercial farmer. In this Autumn edition we are presenting a
              number of testimonials from around the UK and Ireland which show the
              versatility of the Suffolk as a terminal sire from the farmers perspective.
              A big thank you to all involved in bringing this together.
              Recent studies by AHDB/Signet’s Ramcompare project and the Ulster
              University’s Food and Consumer Testing Suite have highlighted the
              benefits of the Suffolk breed for both producers and the consumers.
              Not  only  do  Suffolks  finish  faster  and  outperform  other  breeds
              for muscle depth, Suffolk sired meat is also first choice for 70% of
              consumers with key attributes being taste, flavour and texture.
              You may have seen on our Social Media a series of short videos that
              have focused on Suffolk sired lamb as number one for finishing, number
              one for taste and number one for the industry. One of the articles in this
              edition features the producer and butcher used in these videos. A big
              thanks to Scott Brown (Capielaw Flock) for pulling these together and
              to commercial sheep farmer Alan Smellie of Kailzie Mains Farm and
              butcher Mike Forsyth of award winning Forsyth’s butchers Peebles in
              the Scottish Borders, for giving up of their valuable time to be involved.
              Robin McIlrath
              Chief Executive & Breed Secretary
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