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Shearwell                                     Please

                                                                     Quote your
              Approved Tag Supplier to the Suffolk Sheep Society   SPECIAL PRICES FOR SUFFOLK MEMBERS
                    5% Discount on tag rrp for Suffolk Members  -  Prices show discounted price

                                                              Visual and EID

                                                      SET Tags

                                                     Breeding Pairs      77p

                                                     EID Slaughter                56p
                                Excellent Retention  -
                             Britain’s Favourite  Sheep Tag
        FREE Replacement Tags                     Readers and Software

        Condition apply - please call for details  Call or
                                                               EID Stick Reader
                                        go online
           Visual Sheep Tags             today!            - Single button, easy to use
                                                           Quickly and accurately identify
       Combi 2000® Mini & Button                          & record animals with electronic
                                                           IDs. Data can be transferred by
                                                            Bluetooth to a PC, a Mac, our
                                                            Mobile Printer or to our apps.
                 printed                                      Easy access to information
                 48p                                              about your livestock.

                                          Shearwell Stock Recorder
          Electronic Sheep Tags                         With a built in EID Tag
                                                        Reader & comprehensive
       E23® with Mini or Button Back                    Data Logger, this is the
                                                        ultimate in recording.
                                                        Works seamlessly with
                  £1.24          £1.24                  our software FarmWorks
                                                        by SDL (free when you
                                                        buy our Stock Recorder)
                                                        enabling you to turn your
                                                        data into useful and usable
                                                        management information.
      AD CODE SU19    Prices show membership discount already applied.   Prices correct at time of print and exclude VAT & delivery.
      Tel: 01643 841611
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