Strong sale at Shrewsbury reflecting a quality offering peaking 30,000gns

Date: Friday 28th and Saturday 29th July 2023

Sponsors: Norbrook Auctioneers: J Straker Chadwick & Sons

Show Judge: Mr A Barkley. Society President, Blackbrae Flock

Lot 228 from Rempstone sold at top price 30,000gns.

First time appearing at the National Show and Sale at Shrewsbury was just reward for Michael Ludgate of the Rempstone flock whose pen realised two 5-figure sums. Top price of the day was Lot number 228 at 30,000gns sired by Howgillfoot New Dawn out of a Rookery Ewe. The lamb was bought by James Innes and will be going to work at Strathbogie. The second lot from the pen, Lot number 230 realised 16,000gns for a lamb of the same breeding as the first, both lambs being single lambs got by ET. A day that won’t be forgotten in a hurry for the Rempstone team as relative newcomers to Suffolks.

Male Champion and Overall champion from Birness sells at 19,000gns

The Next highest price was for our first in class Ram lamb, Male Champion and Overall Champion at the show, Lot number 56. Melvin Stuart’s Birness consignment was scooped up by a Syndicate of three buyers, Grant Brothers, Dicksons and Stephen Caldwell all taking a share in the Champion at 19,000gns. The naturally bred single lamb first into the ring from the pen was sired by Sportsman’s 5 Star from a home bred Birness ewe.

Equalling the price of the Champion lot 85 Carony ram lamb at 19000gns

L&M Liggett were also in the mix making the trip across from Northern Ireland with a very well-looked-at pen in the sale equalling the price of 19,000gns for Lot number 85, again sired by Sportsman’s 5 Star. A naturally bred twin lamb out of a Birness ewe, he caught the eye of Welsh breeder Myfyr Evans adding a special something to the Rhaeadr flock.

Lot 62 from Pyeston realising 11,000gns at the fall of the hammer

Stuart Lathangie, Pyeston, was pleased that he made the trip south with his lot number 62 attaining 11,000gns and heading off to Flintshire to last year’s highest price Arnold Oare’s Groes flock. The lamb is sired by Sportsman’s Masterplan, a naturally bred single lamb out of a Pyeston ewe.

Lot 158 from Richhill equalling 11,000gns

Equalling the 11,000 was Northern Irish breeder Ben Lamb’s Richhill flock, whose Lot number 158 was Judge Alastair Barkley’s first choice in the Elite Commercial ram lamb class at the show. He was singled out as the lamb of choice and is heading up to the Aberdeenshire flock of W & C Ingram of Logie Durno, a naturally bred single lamb by Sitlow Sambuca from a Brijon Dam.

Lot 136 from Bridgeview at 10,000gns

Lot 136 from Bridgeview at 10,000gns

Completing the list of five-figure lamb prices was lot number 136 consigned by local breeder DP &RA Delves’ Bridgeview flock. Sired by Sportsman’s Golden Moments out of a Birness dam the twin ET lamb heads off at 10,000gns to the Home of Jed Sharp, Sharps flock.

National Show and sale to 10 Ram Lambs  

Lot NoFlockPrice GnsPurchaser
56Birness19,000Grant Bros / Dickson / Caldwell
158Richill11,000Logie Durno

Ram Lambs saw a 70% clearance rate with an average selling price of 2406.78 on the day.

Shearling Ewes

Lot 5 from Howgillfoot leading the way in the shearling ewe sale at 3000gns

Shearling ewes offered met with a strong demand, and leading the way was Lilia Hutchinson’s Howgillfoot offering lot no 5 the single ET gimmer by Frongoy Rocket with an impressive back pedigree. The hammer fell at 3,000gns with the ewe travelling to Wales to the home of I E Edwards, Pantclyd, Llanvwchllyn.

Second highest priced shearling from Brompton at 1500gns

Anthony Glaves’ Brompton flock, a regular consignor to the National was next up at 1500gns with lot number 13 catching the eye of local breeder to Shrewsbury, Phil Poole, Salopian, a single lamb sired by Strathbogie Black Magic.

Also were Pam Lupton’s Kexbeck at 1300gns, S Bolland’s Wharf – two at 1250gns, Lilia Hutchinson’s Howgillfoot at 1000gns, Anthony Glaves with three further lots at 800gns, and Pam Lupton with a further one at 800gns

Shearling Ewes saw an 84% clearance rate at an average of £1060.50 reflecting a strong demand for females, always a good sign that the breed is on the up!

Ewe lambs

Lot19 from Richhill leading price 900gns in the ewe lamb sale

Ben Lamb of the Richhill flock led the way with the Ewe Lambs with his Lot 19, the wallets following the judge’s view in the show and selling for 900gns. One of a triplet naturally sired by the home bred Richhill Rambo out of a Porterhill ewe, she was purchased by Alistair Jackson, Cummertrees, Dumfries.

Two Lots at 850gns followed on for Lot 26 consigned by Pam Lupton’s Kexbeck, a naturally sired twin lamb by Rhaeadr Rock n Roll, heading to Wales to S Thomas of Llygaidand, and Lot 25, a naturally  sired single lamb by Rookery Rodeo out of a home bred ewe to Paul Lothian at Culgaith from JJ Tooze’s Spittal flock.

Ewe lambs saw a 100% clearance rate at an average of £719.25 again reflecting the demand for Suffolk as a breed.

Show Results at Shrewsbury

Alastair Barkley, our President for 2023, as is tradition, took to the show ring and judged all that was brought before him on the Friday prior to the sale. There were plenty of quality sheep to look through, but he worked his way through the classes in a very diligent manner giving every sheep the same inspection and ensuring that he was happy with the outcome. A very busy ringside attended the show which was a good sign of things to come at the sale.

Overall Champion

As above

Lot 56 Birness

Reserve Overall Champion

Lot 103 Limestone

MALE champion

Lot 56 Birness


Lot 103 Limestone

Elite Commercial Ram Lamb class at the national

1st lot 158 -R Lamb

2nd lot 195 – G Richmond

3rd lot 223 – D Taylor

4th lot 67 – F Christie

5th lot 86 – L & M Liggett

6th lot 69 – J Wallace

Young handlers were out in force making Suffolks future bright! At the national sale at Shrewsbury:

11 and over (Seniors)

1st lot 205 Ollie Beale

2nd lot 225 Isabella Taylor

3rd lot 86Aimee Liggett

4th lot 224 Noah Taylor

5th lot 137 Mathew Shelley

Under 11

1st lot 223 Lara Taylor

2nd lot 213 Tom Bowdler

3rd lot 134 Ronnie Mogford

Suffolk Young Breeders

Lamb bred and shown by breeder

1st lot 67 Finn Christie

2nd lot 51 Harry Lyons

Jed Sharp receiving the Gippeswyk plate for the best pen of three

Jed Sharp receiving the Gippeswyk plate for the best pen of three

Group of three 

1st lot 97, 102 & 100 -J Sharp

2nd lot 225,223 & 224 – D Taylor

3rd lot 58, 57 & 60 – M Stuart

4th lot 86,87 & 89 L&M Liggett

5th lot 132, 131&134 T&A Mogforg

6th lot 204.206 &207 – S Beale

The Birness team and Chair of Council Jane Soulsby, with their haul of silverware

Ram Lamb class

1st lot 56 – M Stuart

2nd lot 103 – M Priestley

3rd lot 62 – S Lathangie

4th lot 186 – D Jones

5th lot 160 – M Evans

6th lot 85 – L & M Liggett

Shearling Ram class

1st lot 36 – B Roth

2nd lot 39 J & E Midgley

3rd lot 32 D Roberts

4th lot 33 A Glaves


Howgillfoot receiving the Quinton Clarke Cup for the Female Champion lot no 5

Female Champion

lot no 5 Lillia Hutchinson – Howgillfoot

Reserve Female Champion

Lot 19 Ben Lamb – Richill

Ewe Lamb class at the national

1st lot 19 – B Lamb

2nd lot 23 – J J Tooze

3rd lot 36 – P Lupton

4th lot 24 – J J Tooze

5th lot 28 – C Whitticase

Shearling Ewe class at the national

1st lot 5 – L Hutchinson

2nd lot 13 -A Glaves

3rd lot 17 – S Bolland

4th lot 12 – P Lupton

5th lot 7 -D & R Delves

6th lot 1- T Blunt

Our sincere thanks to all at Shrewsbury Auction Centre for their efforts over the Sale and show, Wendy Philips the vet, the Auctioneers, stewards and inspectors who worked away and got the job done, Dinkys Dinah in the canteen –  always a pleasure to come to Shrewsbury.