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Buying a recorded Suffolk

        Why invest in Signet-recorded rams?
        Investing in rams with superior genetics can be worth an extra £800 over their lifetime.
        With potential gains of £4 per lamb, commercial producers should source Signet-re-
        corded rams with high estimated breeding values (EBVs) for traits of importance to their
        Interpreting EBVs when buying
        a ram
        EBVs can be presented on Order of Merit sale cards
        that report the main traits, or on a breeding chart.
        Accuracy values indicate how much is known about an
        animal for a specific trait and the degree to which EBVs
        might change over time. Seek the standard identifi-
        ers (right) provide a quick and easy way to see where
        an animal ranks on its index.

        Breeding charts
        Breeding charts are more informative, showing where a ram’s genetic potential sits
        within the breed for a range of traits.
        The centre line indicates the average for that breed. Bars to the right of the centre in-
        dicate above-average breeding values, meaning progeny are likely to have faster growth
        rates, more muscling and be fatter. Bars to the left indicate a below-average
        value for those traits and leaner progeny.
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