What a fantastic turnout for the Midland and Eastern Branch Youth and New Breeder Trimming/showing workshop, held by very kind permission of the Lyons Family (Cloudside Flock) on Sunday 26th May 2024, many thanks to Harry Lyons who gave expert trimming and showing demonstrations. With 11 trimming stands on the go it was very much, a hand’s on experience for our youth and new breeders and they had the opportunity to learn firsthand from experienced Suffolk Breeders who were on hand to teach them the basic skills needed to trim and show their own Suffolk sheep. Many thanks to everyone involved who made this event possible, special thanks to Harry, Jenny and Kevin Lyons who worked tirelessly to make it such a fantastic event with a very tasty BBQ and refreshments for dinner. Many thanks to our generous sponsors, Lyons Fencing, Carrs Billington, Aytin Shears, Eddie at Whitehurst’s, Wright & Morten Vets and Campey Agriculture and everyone who lent us their trimming stands for the day.

Kevin O’Donoghue (Chairman)