The West and Central Scotland Suffolk Sheep Club flock competition was judged recently by Alison Dalgarno (Cairnorrie). Congratulations to all who took part and to Scott Bourman of Middlehouse Flock on winning the Champion Flock.

Results are as follows:

Small Flock

1 Wallace Haining (High Drum)

2 Alexander Clark (Glengyre)

3 Laura Ferguson (Kelcastle)

Medium Flock

1 Scott Bourman (Middlehouse)

2 Alexander Gray (Langside)

3 Andrew Currie (Blackbog)

Large Flock

1 Peter Gray (Scrogton)

2 Peter Wilson (Spoutwells)

3 Ryan Arthur (Highmuir)

4 Elaine Dowie (Islay)

Best progeny group

1 Alexander Gray (Langside)

2 Scott Bourman (Middlehouse)

3 Peter Wilson (Spoutwells)

Best Female 

Scott Bourman (Middlehouse)

SFS:20:04312 by Langside Foreman

Best 5 ewe lambs 

1 Alexander Gray (Langside)

2 Scott Bourman (Middlehouse)

3 Peter Gray (Scrogton)

Best Stud Ram

1 Peter Wilson (Frongoy Rocketeer)

2 Scott Bourman (Scrogton Pending)

3 Peter Gray (Scrogton Black Star)

Champion Flock

Scott Bourman (Middlehouse)


Peter Gray (Scrogton)

Show Points winner 

Paula and David Reid


Mrs Helen Goldie