Date: 7th-8th September 2023

Judge: S Sutherland, Caithness

In a complete polar opposite to last year, the Showground at Kelso was blessed with blistering heat and the Shearling and Ram lamb trade was even hotter! Sale records tumbled as the commercial sheep world continues to benefit from the Suffolk Advantage.

As is tradition, the bell rang at 10.00am and the rings were packed all day with buyers flocking to the Suffolk rings.

In Ring 8, Scott Donaldson from Harrison & Hetherington, resumed his place in the rostrum where 224 Shearling Rams were presented for sale by the consignors. Bidding was brisk from the outset and continued strong throughout, with the Kelso shearling record price of £10,000 being achieved by lot number 2225 from Jalex Livestock, who also took the crown for the top pen of three price with an average of £4900. Show Champion from Logie Durno, lot number 2258, reached £4500 at the gavel bought by Jalex Livestock and was followed up with a large pen of strong prices. Trade was firm throughout and the ring average was £1302.46 up £123.62 on the previous year with nine more shearlings finding new homes.

Kelso shearling record breaker Lot no 2225 from Jalex at £10,000
Show Champion from Logie Durno Lot no 2258 reaching £4,500

Ring 10, under the gavel of Richard Henderson of United Auctions, was also a flying trade with 174 put forward and 166 finding new owners. The breed record was smashed with lot number 2725 consigned by Jimmy Douglas (Cairness flock) being bought for £25,000 by John Sinnett on behalf of Jed Sharp (Sharps flock). Again, buyers were around the ring all day with strong bidding and a very good trade. The sale average of £808.47 was up £141.68 on last year with 5 more lambs finding new homes, rubber stamping the resurgence of the Suffolk as the trusted go to in the ever-changing environment that sheep farming is finding itself in.

Breed record breaker from Jimmy Douglas, Cairness Lot no 2725 going for £25,000

Ring 14 was where the unregistered and non MV sheep were sold.  There were 444 put forward under the auspices of Harrison and Hetherington they sold strongly at an average of £906.28, down £2.19 on the previous year.

The Show of MV accredited and registered sheep was held on the Thursday evening which gathered a good crowd round the pens. Judging was carried out by the experienced commercial eye of Stephen Sutherland from Sibmister in Caithness, who were the hosts at the NSA Scotsheep event held in 2019.  The event was kindly sponsored by Harbro with placings from 1-6 taking Society rosettes and prize cards.

Results Shearling Rams

1st lot no 2258 – Logie Durno

2nd lot no 2225 – Jalex livestock

3rd lot no 2115 – Langside

4th lot no 2329 – Scrogton

5th lot no 2200 – Brijon

6th lot no 2290 – Roseborough

Results Ram Lambs

1st lot no 2795 – Balquhain

2nd lot no – 2765 – Sitlow

3rd lot no 2700 – Westcarse

4th lot no 2823 – Birness

5th lot no 2710 – Redacre

6th lot no 2805 – Broomknowes

Overall Champion was the Shearling from Logie Durno Lot no 2258

Reserve Overall Champion was the Ram lamb from Balquhain Lot no 2795

Overall Champion Lot 2258 from Logie Durno
Reserve Champion Lot no 2795 from Balquhain

Kelso Show Gallery