DATE: 4th June 2023

Fantastic show of sheep this year, many thanks to our New Exhibitors who came along to show their sheep and made it such a fantastic day, Kate and Richard Crossley (Cobclough Flock) who had travelled down from West Yorkshire, Neil, Anna & Jake Pamlin (Ashfieldview Flock), John & Ria Dennis from Lincoln (Oakmere Flock), Emily Boby (Debdalehill Flock) from Nottingham and Harry Lyons (Cloudside Flock) from Cheshire, also many thanks to our regular competitors.

Thank you to our Judge Geoff Richmond (Sullom Flock) who did an excellent job being faced with some big Classes, Fiona Grundy our steward and the Committee members who were on hand to help out. Many Congratulations to Harry Lyons on winning Overall Champion with his homebred Shearling Ewe and going on to win Interbreed Champion for the Suffolk’s and Neil, Anna and Jake Pamplin winning reserve with their Ram lamb.


Ram Shearling or over

1st Kate Crossley

2nd Emily Boby

3rd D & J Inman

4th Abi Howl

5th Neil Ruby

Ram Lamb

1st Neil Anna & Jake Pamplin

2nd D & J Inman

3rd S M Eggleston

4th Tom Stocking

5th Kate Crossley

6th G & E Beddie

Pair of Ram Lambs

1st G & E Beedie

2nd S M Eggleston

3rd D & J Inman

Shearling Ewe

1st Harry Lyons

2nd Neil, Anna & Jake Pamplin

3rd Harry Lyons

4t Emily Boby

5th Emily Boby

6th Kate Crossley

Ewe Lamb

1st D & J Inman

2nd G & E Beddie

3rd Kate Crossley

4th Tom Stocking

5th S M Eggleston

6th G & E Beedie

Ewe to have suckled during 2023

1st Harry Lyons

2nd Harry Lyons

3rd Kate Crossley

4th Tom Stocking

5th S M Eggleston

6th Emily Boby

Group of Three

1st Harry Lyons

2nd G & E Beedie

3rd Kate Crossley

4th Neil, Anna & Jake Pamplin

5th Tom Stocking

6th S M Eggleston

Reserve Champion Male

Pair of Ram Lambs, G & E Beedie

Champion Male

Ram Lamb, Neil, Anna & Jake Pamplin

Reserve Champion Female

 Ewe Lamb, D & J Inman

Champion Female

Shearling Ewe, Harry Lyons

Reserve Overall Champion,

Ram Lamb, Neil, Anna & Jake Pamplin

OVERALL Champion

 Shearling Ewe, Harry Lyons

Champion at the Branch Show Rutland
Neil, Anna & Jake Pamplin resereve ram lamb at Branch Show ,Rutland