The Champion Flock Open Day will be held on Sunday 6th November 2022 at 11am. This will be at Stephen Cobbald’s, Lavenham Flock – Acton Hall, Acton, Sudbury, Suffolk, CO10 0BA .

The results for the Midland and Eastern Branch Flock Competition are as follows:

Champion Flock– Stephen Cobbald     

Reserve Flock – Ray Woolway

Small Flocks –    1st Stephen Cobbald

               2nd Ellie Fudge

               3rd Abi Howl

4th Jim Hammond     

Medium Flocks– 1st Jim Wolton

2nd Harry Lyons

3rd Steve and Christie Walker

4th Norman Howl

Large Flocks –    1st Ray Woolway

2nd David Inman

3rd Sam Oakes and Jill Davies

4th Mark Fenemore. 

Best Ram Lamb – 1st Sam Oakes and Jill Davies with Groes Gladiator,  

  2nd Steven Cobbald 

  3rd Ray Woolway 

Best Shearling – 1st David Inman with Kexbeck Kingpin,

 2nd Ray Woolway

  3rd Mark Fenemoore.

Best Ewe Lambs – 1st Stephen Cobbald,

   2nd Harry Lyons,

                   3rd David Inman 

Best Novice–      1st Sam Oakes and Jill Davies,

2nd Mark Fenemore,

3rd Ellie Fudge