Date: 18th July 2022 Judge: Mr William Flemming, Lanarkshire

Overall Champion

Lot 6245 Shearling Ewe from Dafydd Jones

Reserve Overall Champion

Lot 6256 Ewe Lamb from Dafydd Jones

Male Champion

Lot 6222 – 1st prize shearling ram or over from Oliver Sparks

Reserve Male Champion

Lot 6233 – 1st prize ram lamb from J & L Griffiths

Female Champion

Lot 6245 – 1st prize shearling ewe from Dafydd Jones

Reserve Female Champion

Lot 6256 – 1st prize ewe lamb from Dafydd Jones

Class 1130 – Ram, Shearling or Over trimmed

1st: 6222 Oliver Sparks

2nd: 6226 W & C Ingram

3rd: 6221 Harley Turner

4th: 6225 Steffan Thomas

5th: 6219 E Hughes

6th: 6224 Rhian Davis

Class 1131 – Ram Lamb, born in 2022 trimmed or untrimmed

1st: 6233 J & L Griffiths

2nd: 6238 Oliver Sparks

3rd: 6240 Rb & Gm Morgan

4th: 6234 J & L Griffiths

5th:6239 Rb & Gm Morgan

6th:6235 Harley Turner

Class 1132 Ewe, Shearling

1st: 6245 Dafydd Jones

2nd: 6246 Dafydd Jones

3rd: 6247 Frenni Livestock Ltd

4th: 6248 Harley Turner

5th: 6254 Tomos Evans

6th: 6252 Steffan Thomas

Class 1133 Ewe Lamb, born in 2022

1st: 6256 Dafydd Jones

2nd: 6258 Frenni Livestock Ltd

3rd:6255 Dafydd Jones

4th: 6263 Oliver Sparks

5th:6257 E Hughes

6th: 6264 Oliver Sparks

Class 1134 Group of Three

1st: 6272 Harley Turner

Overall champion and 1st prize shearling ewe
1st prize ram lamb and reserve champion male
Champion male and 1st prize ram class 1130
Reserve female, reserve overall and first prize ewe lamb
Suffolk group of three champions
Overall champion presentation