Following the legal requirements arising from the fallout of Brexit we can no longer simply transfer animals between UK flocks (England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland) and former members from the South of Ireland and Continental Europe.


A Zootechnical Certificate is required for livestock being exported to Suffolk breeders outside the Suffolk Sheep Society membership, and these Certificates can only be issued for Registered Sheep.  The same applies for donor animals for germinal products being exported.

It is the responsibility of the breeder/vender to ensure livestock being exported are registered with the Society. Members are reminded that the ram registration process includes DNA testing and that pedigree certificates (including Zootechnical Certificates) cannot be issued until this has been completed.


Where animals, or germinal products, are being imported from the EU including the South of Ireland, these must be accompanied by a Zootechnical Certificate from a recognised Society to have the animal, or the progeny in the case of seminal products, entered into the Society flock book.

Joint Ownership

The Society can no longer recognise joint ownership of pedigree livestock between Suffolk Sheep Society members and breeders from other Societies. The only names that can appear on pedigree certificates will be members of the Suffolk Sheep Society.

Private Sales (including online sales based in the UK)

Where sheep are being promoted/advertised/listed as pedigree Suffolks, these should be registered before the sale and if it is an export sale, Zootechnical Certificates should be obtained from the Society office in advance. Where vendors are not breeders from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland (ie from another Society) organisers should ensure that their entries are registered pedigree Suffolks with the appropriate Zootechnical Certificate from their Society. To avoid confusion in relation to pedigree administration, the Society would also strongly advise that there is a clear distinction between Suffolk Sheep Society animals and those from another Society.