Young Breeders make their mark at the Suffolk National Championship & Sale

Date: 30th & 31st July 2021

Judge: Mr William Fleming, Hallhill Flock

Sponsor: Norbrook

Auctioneers: J Straker Chadwick and Sons and Halls

When the hammer fell at 16,000gns for Finn Christie’s (Maidenstone Flock) lot 162 it has marked a new generation of young Suffolk breeders beginning to make their mark. Young breeders also appearing in the top prices were Lilia Hutchinson (Howgillfoot Flock) from Cumbria getting 7,000gns for Lot 129 and Dafydd Jones’ Frongoy Flock Breed Champion (Lot 166) selling for 5,000gns.

The top price at the Norbrook sponsored Sufolk Sheep Society National Sale in Shrewsbury on Saturday 31st July was 16,000gns for the January born Crewelands Kingpin sired ram lamb from Finn Christie’s  Aberdeenshire based Maidenstone flock. Out of a Limestone Legacy sired Birness dam he was bought by Chris Holmes from Worcestershire (Rookery Flock) and Holly Bowdler from Shropshire (Tombridge Flock).

Next on the money list at 12,000gns was J C Innes’ Strathbogie Lot 145. This Forkins McCoy sired ram lamb out of a Strathbogie A Kind of Magic sired dam was bought by breeders, Dennis Taylor, Leslie Liggett and Ronan McLaughlin for their Ballynacannon, Carony and Ballyboe flocks. The Strathbogie pen had an excellent average at £3,914 for seven ram lambs presented and sold, all making four figures.

James Alexander bought Lilia Hutchinson’s lot 129 for 7,000gns for his Co Antrim based Jalex Flock. This ram lamb was sired by Howgillfoot Sniper out of a Lakeview dam.  G L Stuart’s (Birness Flock)  Forkin’s Firecracker sired Lot 150 was bought by Mrs M J Cornish for her Devon based Mardle Suffolks for 6,000gns. Another strong pen, Birness averaged £3,220 for six ram lambs presented and all sold, again all making 4 figures.

There were 5 lots getting 5,000gns including Breed Champion (lot 166) from Dafydd Jones’ Frongoy pen. This Strathbogie Rock On Tommy sired lamb was purchased by William Medforth for his Caernarfon based Penrhyn FLock. G & FJ Soulsby bought Northamptonshire based MJR & JA Pinny’s (Alloaks Flock) Redbrae Lynx sired lot 93 for their Williamsgill Flock in Cumbria. The Reserve Champion also went for 5,000gns. This Tom and Aimee Mogford (Mogford Flock) bred lamb was by Mullaghboy Goliath and will be heading to Scotland for G  L Stuart’s Birness Flock and Stewart Lathangie’s Pyeston Flock.

The best average for more than 3 ram lambs sold was achieved by first time entrant to the National Sale, Jed Sharp from Worcestershire with his Hawshill flock. His first two lambs through the ring (lots 201 & 202) both got 5,000gns, the first bought by Pamela Lupton for her Kexbeck Flock in Yorkshire and the second going to Stewart Craft’s Lakeview Flock in Fife. The hammer fell on lot 203 at 2,600gns. All three rams were by Frongoy Firenze out of a Hawshill dam.

Top priced female was DP and RA Delves’ (Bridgeview Flock) reserve shearling ewe (lot 11). Jed Sharp (Hawshill Flock) bought this Frongoy Firenze sired ewe out of a Forkins dam for 6,000gns. The top priced ewe lamb at 2,400gns was MJR and JA Pinny’s (Alloaks Flock) female champion bought by the Hiddleston family (Irongray Flock) from Dumfriesshire.

Robin McIlrath, CEO of the Suffolk Sheep Society said “this has been a super sale with something for everyone and over 40% of the ram lambs going to commercial farmers. Its also great to see our younger breeders beginning to come to the fore. A big Congratulations to Finn Christie for topping the sale, and also to Dafydd for winning the Championship.” Robin went on to say “the Society has invested heavily in attracting and developing Suffolk Youth with reduced fees and our very successful Youth Championships. The future certainly looks very good for Suffolks!”

CEO, Robin McIlrath

Sales Averages:

Ram Lambs:

Top: £16,800

Ave: £1,620

Clearance: £82% (133)

Shearling Ewes:

Top – £6,300

Ave: £1,138

Clearance: 100% (13 sold)

Ewe Lambs:

Top: £2,520

Ave: £1,050

Clearance: 100% (7 sold)

Shearling Rams:

Top: £1,575

Ave: £945

Clearance: £75% (3 sold)

162MAIDENSTONE16,000CJ Holmes & H Bowdler
145STRATHBOGIE12,000PDW Taylor, L Liggett & R McLaughlin
129HOWGILLFOOT7,000J Alexander
11BRIDGEVIEW6,000J Sharp
150BIRNESS6,000Mardle Suffolks
93ALLOAKS5,000G & FJ Soulsby
166FRONGOY5,000 W Medforth
196MOGFORD5,000GL Stuart
201HAWSHILL5,000P Lupton
202HAWSHILL5,000S Craft


Male Champion and Overall Breed Champion

1st Lot 166 Mr Dafydd G Jones

NAT:21:08069 by Strathbogie Rock on Tommy

Reserve Male Champion and Overall Reserve Breed Champion

2nd Lot 196 Mr & Mrs Tom & Aimee Mogford

PSJ:21:00545 by Mullaghboy Goliath

Female Champion

1st Lot 21 Mr & Mrs JR & JA Pinny

J65:21:04346 by Harpercroft Bullion

Reserve Female Champion

1st Lot 14 Mrs Pamela Lupton

KXL:20:00556 by Limestone Limousine

Class 1 Single Shearling Ewe

1st Lot 14 Mrs Pamela Lupton

KXL:20:00556 by Limestone Limousine

2nd Lot 11 DP & RA Delves

BLN:20:00783 by Frongoy Firenze

3rd Lot 7 Mr Thomas Blunt

NLB:20:00317 by Stockton Seabiscuit

Class 2 Single Ewe Lamb

1st Lot 21 Mr & Mrs JR & JA Pinny

J65:21:04346 by Harpercroft Bullion

2nd Lot 22 Mr & Mrs M J R & J A Pinny

J65:21:04326 by Sneaton Sneaky

3rd Lot 16 Mrs Pamela Lupton

KXL:21:00619 by Rhaeadr Welsh Wizard

Class 3 Single Shearling Ram
1st Lot 27 Dafydd Pugh Roberts

J99:20:02214 by Salopian Ted
2nd Lot 23 Anthony Glaves

M17:20:05185 by Savernake Kiwi

Class 4 Signet Recorded Ram Lamb

1st Lot 188 Mr SJ Buckley

45Z:21:04475 by Logiedurno Sonny Bill

2nd Lot 41 Mr John Key

L20:21:01981 by Ortum Trump Card

3rd Lot 190 Mr & Mrs Bruce & Ruth Cook

C18:21:00357 by Sitlow Social Media

Class 5 Single Ram Lamb

1st Lot 166 Mr Dafydd G Jones

NAT:21:08069 by Strathbogie Rock on Tommy

2nd Lot 196 Mr & Mrs Tom & Aimee Mogford

PSJ:21:00545 by Mullaghboy Goliath

3rd Lot 150 Mr George L Stuart

1W:21:03283 by Forkins Firecracker

Class 6 Pen Of Three Ram Lambs

1st Lots 135,136 & 140 Mr L & M Liggett

DBB:21:01165, DBB:21:01198 & DBB:21:01135

2nd Lots 151, 152 & 155 Mr George L Stuart

1W:21:03226, 1W:21:03251 & 1W:21:03204

3rd Lots 143, 144 & 146 Mr James C Innes

SUT:21:05863, SUT:21:05832 & SUT:21:05829

Class 7 Ram Lamb with Best Gigot

1st Lot 113 Mr Dennis Taylor

KKW:21:01577 by Tolgus Pretty Boy

2nd Lot 37 Mr Ross Lawrence

NHL:21:00456 by Salopian Sierra

3rd Lot 163 Finn Christie

WHU:21:01275 by Howgillfoot Sniper