BASCO is a web-enabled database, founded by the Suffolk Sheep Society together with the Texel Sheep and British Limousin Cattle Societies. It is accessed both by office users and a number of members who are trailing it over a secure on-line network.

The technology being utilised is significantly increasing administration efficiency within the individual Society Offices and over time, with increased member interaction, will enable the Societies to become more cost effective.

Suffolk members who have the BASCO disk have the choice to:

  • Fill in your birth notifications, registrations and annual returns in the normal way, via paper and post.
  • Or fill in the forms over the Internet on-line (to do so you must have signed a direct debit mandate)

The information you have submitted is only released to the flock/herd book when

  • The Society has validated it
  • Once validated you will be DD for the sum due

Common questions asked about using BASCO

How do I use the web browser?

Sheep Breeder search You only need to enter the information for one field – the surname of the breeder or the flock prefix are the simplest ones to use. If you put * immediately after the surname e.g. Jones* it will find all the Joneses and Jones & Sons. Click on the line you want to look at so that it goes dark blue and then click View Details. Sheep search This works in a similar way to the breeder search. To find Rhaeadr Rossi, the 2006 Edinburgh Champion: Put A12:H50 in the Flockbook No and tick Male and Live OR Put Rhaeadr Ros* in the Name field and click on Rossi so that the line goes dark blue and then click View Details. There may be more than one screenful; there is a box at the bottom of the list which shows how many records are visible and how many there are in total

What if I don't have a computer?

Don't worry you can continue to send you pedigree registrations in to the Society office, as you always have done.

What if I register something incorrectly?

Firstly you are not registering; you notify by submitting the relevant information. Only the office can register data, once they have validated your information.

Can I change a notification I have made online?

Not online, you have to telephone, write, or e-mail your Society office.

Can I print off pedigree certificates?

No, only the Society Office issues pedigree certificates. However as soon as the BASCO database goes live to members you will be able to print off individual extended pedigrees of any registered animals.

Can the extended pedigree include other information?

Yes for example flock health status; genotype, plus performance information, how many times that animal has been sold and for how much (should you wish this to be disclosed).

How many generations will the extended pedigree have?

It will be a five-generation pedigree.

Will anyone on the Internet be able to see my flock details?

No, in the formative stages the BASCO data-base will only be accessible to members of the three founder societies with their personal pin numbers

Will all members see all my data?

No they will only be able to see the information that is currently available in the herd/flock book. Only you will be able to access your personal records.

How much will BASCO data cost me?

Nothing it is free to all members within the three shareholding Societies.