10-05-2017Balmoral Show
20-08-2016Ashbourne Show
31-07-2016Turriff ShowReport
18-07-2016Royal Welsh ShowPictures
12-07-2016Great Yorkshire ShowPictures
09-07-2016Liskeard ShowReport
26-06-2016Derbyshire County Show
23-06-2016Royal Highland ShowReportPictures
19-06-2016West and Central Scotland Suffolk Sheep ClubReport
18-06-2016Galway County Show
17-06-2016Three Counties ShowReportPictures
11-06-2016NI Championships - Armagh Show 2016ReportPictures
09-06-2016South of England Show ResultsReport
04-06-2016Lurgan Show
01-06-2016The Royal Bath & West Show
01-06-2016The Suffolk Show
30-05-2016Northumberland County Show
30-05-2016Surrey County Show Report
21-05-2016Otley Show West Yorkshire
11-05-2016Balmoral ShowReportPictures
22-09-2015National Ploughing Championships
12-09-2015Romsey ShowReportPictures
12-09-2015Kington ShowReport
05-09-2015Alresford ShowReport
07-08-2015South of Ireland - Roscrea Premier Show
06-08-2015Burwarton ShowReport
06-08-2015Black Isle ShowReport
05-08-2015North Devon ShowReport
02-08-2015Turriff ShowReport
30-07-2015Scottish Area Branch Show - Stirling
30-07-2015Launceston ShowReport
25-07-2015Sutherland Agricultural Show
20-07-2015Royal Welsh ShowReportPictures
14-07-2015The Great Yorkshire ShowReportPictures
11-07-2015Echt Show - Aberdeenshire
11-07-2015Liskeard Show 2015
05-07-2015Athenry Agricultural Show
04-07-2015Doune and Dunblane Show 2015 Results
28-06-2015Bury & District Agricultural Show
28-06-2015 Derbyshire County Show
26-06-2015The Royal Isle of Wight Show ResultsReport
20-06-2015Irish National Sheep Championships Athenry ReportPictures
19-06-2015Cranleigh Show ResultsReport
18-06-2015Royal Highland ShowReportPictures
13-06-2015NI Championships - Armagh Show 2015Pictures
12-06-2015Three Counties ShowReportPictures
11-06-2015South of England Show ResultsReport
05-06-2015Border Suffolk Sheep Club
04-06-2015 Royal Cornwall Show
28-05-2015The Suffolk ShowReport
27-05-2015BATH & WEST SHOW
25-05-2015 Northumberland County ShowPictures
25-05-2015Surrey Show 2015 ReportReport
24-05-2015Devon County Show Pictures
23-05-2015St. Clears Show
23-05-2015Fife Show Results
21-05-2015Devon County ShowPictures
18-05-2015The North Antrim & East L/Derry Suffolk Sheep Club ReportPictures
16-05-2015Otley Show West Yorkshire
16-05-2015 The Hadleigh Show, Ispwich
13-05-2015Balmoral ShowReportPictures
18-09-2014Dolphin Sheep Fair 2014Report
06-09-2014Dorset County Show
27-08-2014Merioneth County Show
26-08-2014Kilnsey Show 2014
25-08-2014Glendale Agricultural Show
19-08-2014Pembrokeshire County ShowReport
12-08-2014Anglesey County ShowReport
09-08-2014Dalston Show 2014
08-08-2014Royal Manx Agricultural Show
07-08-2014Burwarton Show
03-08-2014Turriff ShowReport
02-08-2014Emley Show
30-07-2014Yealmpton Show
29-07-2014 New Forest and Hampshire County ShowReport
27-07-2014Border Union Agricultural Show
26-07-2014Penrith Show
24-07-2014Launceston Agricultural Show
21-07-2014Royal Welsh ShowReportPictures
19-07-2014Sutherland County Agricultural Show
19-07-2014New Deer Show
12-07-2014Dalkeith Show
12-07-2014Liskeard Show
12-07-2014Echt Show - Aberdeenshire
11-07-2014Kent County ShowPictures
08-07-2014The Great Yorkshire ShowReportPictures
05-07-2014Leicestershire Agricultural Society - County Show
29-06-2014Bury Show
22-06-2014Derbyshire County Show
19-06-2014Royal Highland ShowReportPictures
18-06-2014130th Lincolnshire Show
15-06-2014West & Central Scotland Suffolk Sheep Club Show
14-06-2014Honley Show
14-06-2014NI ChampionshipsPictures
13-06-2014Three Counties ShowReportPictures
05-06-2014Royal Cornwall Show
01-06-2014Midland & Eastern Branch Show @ Rutland County ShowReport
31-05-2014Cothi Bridge Show
28-05-2014The Suffolk ShowReport
28-05-2014Bath and West ShowPictures
28-05-2014Staffordshire County Show
26-05-2014Northumberland County Show
26-05-2014Surrey County Show
24-05-2014Hertfordshire County Show
24-05-2014St Clears YFC Agricultural Show
24-05-2014National Sheep Championships - IrelandReport
24-05-2014Shropshire County Show
24-05-2014St Clears YFC Agricultural Show 2014
24-05-2014Fife Show
22-05-2014Devon County ShowReportPictures
17-05-2014205th Otley Show
14-05-2014Balmoral ShowReportPictures
10-05-2014Nottinghamshire County Show
05-12-2013East of England Smithfield Festival
28-08-2013Merioneth County Show
25-08-2013EGHAM ROYAL SHOW 2013
13-08-2013Pembrokeshire County Show
13-08-2013Anglesey County Show
10-08-2013Orkney County ShowReport
10-08-2013Dalston Show
04-08-2013Turriff ShowReport
03-08-2013Brecon County Show
01-08-2013Burwarton Show
01-08-2013Black Isle ShowReport
31-07-2013New Forest & Hampshire County ShowReportPictures
25-07-2013Launceston ShowReport
22-07-2013Royal Welsh Agricultural ShowReportPictures
20-07-2013Sutherland Show
20-07-2013New Deer ShowReport
15-07-2013Stithians Agricultural Show
13-07-2013Dalkeith Agricultural ShowReportPictures
12-07-2013Kent County ShowReport
09-07-2013Great Yorkshire ShowReportPictures
05-07-2013East of EnglandReport
23-06-2013Derbyshire County Show
20-06-2013Royal Highland Agricultural ShowReportPictures
15-06-2013South of Ireland National ChampionshipsReportPictures
14-06-2013Three Counties ShowReportPictures
08-06-2013Northern Ireland Championship - Armagh showReportPictures
08-06-2013Cumberland Show Report
07-06-2013Border Suffolk Club ShowReport
06-06-2013Royal Cornwall Report
06-06-2013South Of England ShowReport
02-06-2013Rutland County Show - incorporating the Midland & Eastern Area Branch Annual ShowReportPictures
01-06-2013North West Suffolk Club Show
29-05-2013Suffolk ShowReport
29-05-2013Bath & West ShowReport
29-05-2013Stafford County Show Report
27-05-2013Surrey County ShowReport
27-05-2013Northumberland County ShowReport
25-05-2013Cothi Bridge
18-05-2013Hadleigh Farmers' Agricultural Association
18-05-2013Otley Show
16-05-2013Devon County ShowReportPictures
15-05-2013Royal Ulster Agricultural Show (Balmoral)ReportPictures
11-05-2013Nottinghamshire County Show
06-05-2013North Somerset Show
08-09-2012Liskeard ShowReport
30-08-2012Monmouthshire ShowReport
16-08-2012Denbighshire & Flintshire Show Report
14-08-2012Anglesey County ShowReport
14-08-2012Pembrokeshire County ShowReport
05-08-2012Turriff ShowReport
04-08-2012Garstang Show 2012Report
02-08-2012Black Isle Show Report
23-07-2012Royal Welsh ShowReportPictures
15-07-2012Ashby ShowReport
14-07-2012Kirriemuir ShowReport
14-07-2012Castlewellan & District Agricultural ShowReport
14-07-2012Gt. Eccleston & District Agricultural Society Report
13-07-2012Kent County ShowReport
10-07-2012Great Yorkshire ShowReportPictures
07-07-2012Northern Ireland Championships 2012ReportPictures
06-07-2012East Of England ShowReport
30-06-2012National Suffolk Championships - Sheep2012ReportPictures
24-06-2012Derbyshire County ShowReport
21-06-2012Royal Highland ShowReportPictures
20-06-2012128th Lincolnshire ShowReport
15-06-2012Three Counties ShowReportPictures
09-06-2012Cumberland ShowReport
08-06-2012Border Suffolk Club ShowReport
07-06-2012Royal Cornwall ShowReportPictures
07-06-2012Suffolk ShowReport
04-06-2012Northumberland County ShowReport
04-06-2012Surrey County ShowReport
03-06-2012Midland & Eastern Branch ShowReportPictures
01-06-2012Ballymoney ShowPictures
30-05-2012Bath & West ShowReport
25-05-2012Ballymena ShowPictures
19-05-2012Fife ShowReport
17-05-2012Devon County ShowReportPictures
16-05-2012Royal Ulster - BalmoralReportPictures
12-05-2012Newark & Notts ShowPictures
17-09-2011Stokesley ShowReport
25-08-2011Monmouthshire ShowReport
20-08-2011Ashbourne ShowReport
20-08-2011Ashbourne ShowReport
19-08-2011Dunster ShowReport
18-08-2011Denbigh and Flint ShowReport
06-08-2011126th Oswestry ShowReport
04-08-2011Black Isle ShowReport
04-08-2011Burwarton ShowReport
30-07-2011144th Heckington ShowReport
26-07-2011New Forest ShowReport
18-07-2011Royal Welsh ShowReportPictures
15-07-2011Kent County ShowReport
12-07-2011Great Yorkshire ShowReportPictures
10-07-2011Ashby ShowReport
09-07-2011Dalkeith Agricultural ShowReportPictures
23-06-2011Royal Highland ShowReportPictures
17-06-2011Three Counties Show - MalvernReportPictures
17-06-2011East of EnglandReport
09-06-2011Royal CornwallReport
09-06-2011South of EnglandReportPictures
05-06-2011Eire Suffolk ChampionshipReportPictures
05-06-2011Rutland County ShowReport
01-06-2011Royal Bath and WestReport
01-06-2011Suffolk ShowReport
30-05-2011Northumberland County ShowReport
30-05-2011Surrey County ShowReportPictures
19-05-2011Devon County ShowReport
11-05-2011Royal Ulster - BalmoralReportPictures
00-00-0000Rutland County Show

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