Past Sales

27-01-2017Soutra Flock DispersalCatalogueReport
02-12-2016Dark Diamonds SaleReport
26-11-2016All Star Suffolk Sale
19-11-2016South of Ireland Suffolk Sheep Society Inlamb Ewe Sale
18-11-2016Three Nations Collective Sale of In-Lamb females and ewe lambsReport
17-11-2016Suffolk & Multi Breed In-lamb Sheep
14-11-2016 NI Branch In Lamb Ewe Sale & dispersal of the Drumaslaggy flock - BallymenaCatalogueReport
12-11-20167th Annual Production Sale from Annakisha, Blackwater, Clyda, Barrowlands, Castleisle and Shannagh FlocksCatalogue
12-11-2016Dispersal of Slackadale flock
11-11-2016WCSSA 21st Official Sale of Scanned in-lamb Pedigree Suffolk Sheep
05-11-2016Production Sale for Mountford and Powers flocks at BlessingtonCatalogue
05-11-2016Burnview & Lakeview Female SaleCatalogueReport
05-11-2016Beeston Castle Auction Female SaleCatalogue
05-11-2016Dispersal of Manordale Flock
04-11-2016Carlisle In Lamb Suffolk Show & SaleReport
29-10-201637th Annual Show & Sale of Pedigree Female Suffolk Sheep, AbergavennyCatalogue
29-10-2016Horton Suffolks
28-10-2016Dispersal of Orna Flock
04-10-2016Eastern Suffolk Sheep Breeders Club Sale
01-10-2016NI Branch Ram Show & Sale - OmaghCatalogue
30-09-2016NI Branch Ram Show & Sale - KilleterCatalogue
29-09-2016Shropshire & Montgomery Area Suffolk Club Show & SaleCatalogue
21-09-2016NI Branch Ram Show & Sale - Swatragh Catalogue
14-09-2016South of Ireland Branch Sale - TullamoreCatalogue
13-09-2016Tuam - Evening Sale
12-09-2016NI Branch Ram Show & Sale - BallymenaCatalogue
10-09-2016Roscommon Show & SaleCatalogue
09-09-2016Kelso Ram Sale
08-09-2016Ballinasloe Sale
08-09-2016Sandyknowe On Farm Sale
07-09-2016South of Ireland Branch Sale - RoscreaCatalogue
07-09-2016NI Branch Ram Show & Sale - RathfrilandCatalogue
07-09-2016Eastern Suffolk Sheep Breeders Club 2nd Show & Sale
06-09-2016NI Branch Ram Show & Sale - LisahallyCatalogue
06-09-2016Ballina Show & Sale
03-09-2016NI Branch Ram Show & Sale - OmaghCatalogue
02-09-2016Ballinrobe SaleCatalogue
29-08-2016NI Branch Shearling Ram Show & Sale - BallymenaCatalogue
26-08-2016On Farm Sale - Hans Porksen
22-08-2016Athenry Sale & Show
16-08-2016Eastern Suffolk Sheep Breeders Club Premier Show & Sale
13-08-2016Roscommon Premier Show & SaleCatalogue
06-08-2016South of Ireland - Roscrea Premier Ram SaleCatalogueReportPictures
05-08-2016Carlisle and Northern Counties Society Show and SaleCatalogueReportPictures
02-08-2016NI Branch Premier Show & SaleCatalogueReportPictures
01-08-2016NSA Wales & Border Ram 2016 SaleCatalogue
29-07-2016Scottish Area Branch Show and Sale - StirlingCatalogueReportPictures
25-07-2016Major Flock Reduction Sale from the ‘RUGLEY’ Suffolk Flock
22-07-2016National Show and Sale 2016 - ShrewsburyCatalogueReportPictures
19-07-201644th Great July Fair Annual Sale
08-07-2016Dispersal Sale of the Deveronside Suffolk Flock
02-07-2016South of Ireland Branch National Suffolk Championships & Ram Show and Sale - BlessingtonCatalogueReportPictures
05-12-2015Sale of approx 70 in-lamb ewes from Mountford, Freighduff and Powers Flocks
04-12-2015Dark Diamonds Suffolk SaleCatalogueReportPictures
28-11-2015Tom Bailey Dispersal SaleCatalogueReportPictures
21-11-2015South of Ireland Female SaleCatalogue
20-11-2015Three Nations Collective Sale of In-Lamb females and ewe lambsCatalogueReportPictures
19-11-2015In lamb Suffolk and Multibreeds saleCatalogue
16-11-2015NI Branch In Lamb Ewe Sale inc Donbraid dispersal sale - BallymenaCatalogueReport
14-11-2015Production Sale for Annakisha, Clyda, Barrowlands, Castleisle and Shannagh Flocks at BlessingtonCatalogueReport
14-11-2015United Auctions In Lamb Female Sale - StirlingCatalogueReport
13-11-2015WCSSA Annual Ewe Lamb & In Lamb Ewes Show & SaleCatalogue
07-11-2015Beeston Castle Auction Female SaleCatalogueReport
07-11-2015Burnview & Lakeview Female SaleCatalogueReport
06-11-2015Carlisle In Lamb Suffolk Show & SaleCatalogueReport
24-10-201536th Annual Show & Sale of Pedigree Female Suffolk Sheep, AbergavennyCatalogueReport
24-10-2015In-Lamb Ewe Sale - Monmouthshire
15-10-2015Female Suffolk Show and Sale at the Wilton Sheep Fair
07-10-2015South of Ireland Roscrea Ram Sale
06-10-2015 Eastern Suffolk Sheep Breeders Club
03-10-2015Roscommon Sale Only
03-10-2015NI Branch Ram Show & Sale - OmaghCatalogue
01-10-2015Shropshire & Mongomery Area Show & SaleCatalogue
25-09-2015NI Branch Ram Show & Sale - KilleterCatalogue
17-09-2015NI Branch Ram Show & Sale - RathfrilandCatalogue
16-09-2015South of Ireland Branch Sale - Tullamore
15-09-2015Tuam - Evening Sale
14-09-2015NI Branch Ram Show & Sale - BallymenaCatalogue
14-09-2015Show & Sale of Breeding & Store Sheep - Acklington Mart
11-09-2015Kelso Ram Sale
10-09-2015Ballinasloe Evening Show & Sale
09-09-2015Eastern Suffolk Sheep Breeders Club
08-09-2015NI Branch Ram Show & Sale - LisahallyCatalogue
05-09-2015Roscommon Sale Only
05-09-2015NI Branch Ram Show & Sale - OmaghCatalogue
04-09-2015Ballinrobe Lamb Plus Show & Sale
02-09-2015NI Branch Ram Sale - SwatraghCatalogue
02-09-2015South of Ireland Branch Sale - RoscreaCatalogue
01-09-2015Ballina Sale & Show
31-08-2015NI Branch Shearling Ram Show & SaleCatalogue
28-08-2015Hans Porksen On-Farm Sale
24-08-2015Athenry Sale & Show
18-08-2015Portumna Sale
18-08-2015Eastern Suffolk Sheep Breeders Club Sale & Show
12-08-2015Roscommon Premier Show & Sale
08-08-2015South of Ireland - Roscrea Premier Ram SaleCatalogueReportPictures
07-08-2015Carlisle and Northern Counties Society Show and SaleCatalogueReportPictures
04-08-2015N. Ireland Branch Premier Show & SaleCatalogueReportPictures
03-08-2015Builth - NSA Wales & Border Ram 2015 SaleCatalogue
30-07-2015Scottish Area Branch Sale - StirlingCatalogueReportPictures
27-07-2015Suffolk Sale from the Brijon & Bethell FlocksCatalogueReportPictures
24-07-2015National Show and Sale 2015 - ShrewsburyCatalogueReportPictures
21-07-2015 43rd Great July Fair Annual Sale
29-11-2014Baileys Production SaleCatalogue
29-11-2014Newark Livestock Market - Multibreed Female Show & Sale
22-11-2014Eamon Duffy - In Lamb Ewe SaleCatalogueReport
22-11-2014Dispersal Sale of the 'Hazeltree' FlockCatalogueReportPictures
22-11-2014Foynes Livestock - Suffolk In Lamb Ewes
21-11-2014Four Nations Collective Sale of In Lamb FemalesCatalogueReportPictures
20-11-2014Annual in-lamb Ewe Sale - North West Auctions
17-11-2014NI Branch Female Sale - BallymenaCatalogueReportPictures
15-11-2014United Auctions In Lamb Female SaleCatalogue
15-11-2014Cairness Production Sale
14-11-2014WCSSA Annual Ewe Lamb & In Lamb Ewes Show & SaleCatalogueReport
08-11-2014Burnview & Lakeview Female SaleCatalogueReport
07-11-2014Carlisle In Lamb Suffolk Show & SaleCatalogueReportPictures
01-11-2014Beeston Castle Auction Female SaleCatalogue
01-11-20145th Annual Female Production Sale for Annakisha, Barrowlands, Castleisle, Clyda, Shannagh and Bawnogue FlocksCatalogueReport
25-10-201435th Annual Collective Show & Sale - MonmouthshireCatalogueReportPictures
08-10-2014NI Branch Ram Show & Sale - Swatragh
04-10-2014NI Branch Ram Show & Sale - Omagh
01-10-2014South of Ireland Sale - Roscrea
29-09-2014NI Branch Shearling Ram Show & Sale - Ballymena
27-09-2014Mountbellew Show & Sale
26-09-2014NI Branch Ram Show & Sale - Killeter
26-09-2014Dyfed Suffolk Sheep Breeders Association - Annual Show & Sale
22-09-2014NSA Wales and Border Main Ram Sale
19-09-2014NSA Eastern Region Sale
17-09-2014South of Ireland Branch Sale - Tullamore
16-09-2014Tuam Evening Sale
12-09-2014Kelso Ram SalesReport
09-09-2014NI Branch Ram Show & Sale - Lisahally
08-09-2014NI Branch Ram Show & Sale - Ballymena
06-09-2014NI Branch Ram Show & Sale - Omagh
06-09-2014NI Branch Ram Sale - Downpatrick
05-09-2014Ballinrobe 'Lamb Plus' Show & Sale
03-09-2014South of Ireland Branch Sale - Roscrea
03-09-2014NI Branch Ram Show & Sale - Rathfriland
02-09-2014Kells Ram Lamb Sale
02-09-2014Ballina Mart Show & Sale
28-08-2014NI Branch Ram Show & Sale
25-08-2014Athenry Show and Sale
22-08-2014NSA RAM SALE
22-08-2014Rugby Farmers Mart - Show & Sale
20-08-2014NSA South West Ram Sale
19-08-2014Portumna Sale
09-08-2014Roscommon Premier Show & Sale
08-08-2014Carlisle and Northern Counties Society Show and SaleCatalogueReportPictures
04-08-2014Western Club Show & SaleCataloguePictures
01-08-2014South of Ireland Premier Show and SaleCatalogueReportPictures
30-07-2014N. Ireland Branch Premier Show & SaleCataloguePictures
24-07-2014Scottish Area Branch Sale - StirlingCatalogueReportPictures
18-07-2014 National Show and Sale 2014 - ShrewsburyCatalogueReportPictures
13-12-2013Spotsmains Flock - In lamb Female SaleCatalogue
29-11-2013Dispersal sale of Strathisla Suffolk flock on behalf of Robert H WilsonCatalogueReport
23-11-2013Annual in-lamb ewe sale from the Baileys Suffolk FlockCatalogue
22-11-2013 In-Lamb Female Sale - North West Auctions
18-11-2013N I Branch Female Sale CatalogueReport
16-11-2013Annual Sale from the Cairness Flock (JG Douglas)
16-11-2013Collective Female Sale - Stirling
16-11-2013United Auctions In Lamb Female SaleCatalogue
15-11-201318th Annual WCSSA In-lamb & Ewe Lamb Sale
15-11-201318th Annual WCSSA In-lamb & Ewe Lamb Sale Catalogue
14-11-201334TH Annual In-Lamb Ewe & Ewe Lamb Show & Sale,ABERGAVENNYCatalogueReportPictures
09-11-2013Burnview & Lakeview Female SaleCatalogueReport
08-11-2013Carlisle In Lamb Suffolk Ewe Show & SaleCatalogue
02-11-20134th Annual Female Production Sale for Annakisha, Barrowlands, Castleisle, Clyda and Shannagh CatalogueReport
02-11-2013Beeston Castle Auction Female SaleCatalogueReport
03-10-2013Shropshire & Mongomery Area Show & SaleCatalogueReport
27-09-2013Dyfed Suffolk Sheep Breeders Association Annual Show and Sale
23-09-2013NSA Wales & Border Main SalePictures
13-09-2013Kelso Ram SaleReportPictures
09-09-2013Premier Performance Recorded SaleCatalogue
05-09-2013South West Multibreed Show & SaleCatalogue
04-09-2013Roscrea - SeptemberCatalogue
30-08-2013Hans Suffolks - On Farm Sale
05-08-2013Western Club Show & SaleCatalogue
31-07-2013Ballymena Main SaleCatalogueReportPictures
25-07-2013Scottish Area Branch Sale - StirlingCatalogueReportPictures
22-07-2013Reduction sale from - Stonehills, Synnyhills, Springstone and Rugley FlocksCatalogue
22-07-2013West Country Suffolk Sheep Association Show & SaleReport
19-07-2013National Sale - ShrewsburyCatalogueReportPictures
05-07-2013Glenhead Major Reduction SaleCatalogueReportPictures
21-01-2013Bridgepark Dispersal Catalogue
30-11-2012East of England Smithfield Festival
30-11-2012North West Suffolk Breeders Club In-Lamb Ewe Sale
24-11-2012Baileys Annual Production SaleCataloguePictures
19-11-2012Northern Ireland Branch in lamb Ewe Sale (Evening)Catalogue
17-11-2012Annual Sale from the Cairness Flock (JG Douglas)CatalogueReportPictures
16-11-2012West Country Club 17th Annual Show & Sale of In lamb ewes and ewe lambsCatalogueReportPictures
15-11-2012In Lamb Female Sale - AbergavennyCatalogueReportPictures
10-11-2012Female Sale - Stirling - Including Conveth Flock DisperalCatalogue
10-11-2012Bawnogue Flock entire in-lamb ewe saleCatalogue
09-11-2012Annual collective Show & Sale of In Lamb Suffolk FemalesCatalogueReportPictures
03-11-20123rd Annual Female Production sale for Annakisha, Barrowlands, Castleisle, Clyda and Shannagh. Including Ardlea Flock Dispersal.CatalogueReport
03-11-2012Beeston Female SaleCatalogueReport
27-10-2012Burnview & Lakeview Female SaleCatalogueReportPictures
05-10-2012Skipton Multi-Breed Ram SaleReportPictures
04-10-2012Second Collective Ram Sale - Carlisle
27-09-2012Shropshire & Montgomery Area Ram Show & SaleCatalogue
24-09-2012NSA Wales & Border Main Sale
21-09-2012NSA Eastern Region Ram Sale
21-09-2012Dyfed Club Ram Show & Sale
12-09-2012Tullamore Show & SaleCatalogue
08-09-2012Performance Recorded Sale on behalf of the Battleford, Derryloman & Drumaslaggy FlocksCatalogue
22-08-2012Roscrea Second SaleCatalogue
17-08-2012Kerry Suffolk Breeders Show & Sale at Milltown Show & SalePictures
10-08-2012Carlisle & Northern Counties Society Show & SaleCatalogueReportPictures
06-08-2012NSA Wales & Border Early Ram SaleCatalogueReport
01-08-2012Society Sale - BallymenaCatalogueReportPictures
26-07-2012Northern Area Branch Sale - StirlingCatalogueReportPictures
20-07-2012National Sale - ShrewsburyCatalogueReportPictures
14-07-2012Society Sale - RoscreaCatalogueReportPictures
25-11-2011Baileys Annual Production Sale with Carragh & DeBurca FlocksCatalogue
21-11-2011Northern Ireland Branch in lamb Ewe SaleCatalogueReportPictures
19-11-2011Bawnogue Flock, ProductionSale of In Lamb Ewes & Ewe LambsCatalogue
19-11-2011Annual Production Sale of Cairness Flock with consignments from Stockton, Strathisla, Whitestone & Hazeltree FlockCatalogueReport
18-11-2011West Country Club Female Sale - ExeterCatalogueReport
17-11-201132nd Annual Collective Show & Sale of In-lamb Ewes & Ewe Lambs - AbergavennyCatalogue
12-11-2011Female Sale - StirlingCatalogue
05-11-2011Annakisha, Barrowlands, Castleisle, Clyda & Shannagh Female SaleCatalogueReport
05-11-2011Beeston Female SaleCatalogueReport
04-11-2011Annual Collective Show & Sale of in-lamb Suffolk Females - CarlisleCatalogueReportPictures
29-10-2011Burnview & Lakeview Female SaleCatalogueReportPictures
29-10-2011Important Dispersal Sale of Entire Brighthouse Suffolk Flock (JAV)CatalogueReportPictures
29-09-2011Shropshire & Mongomery Area Show & SaleCatalogueReportPictures
09-09-2011Kelso Ram SaleReportPictures
26-08-2011Hans Porksen on farm Ram SaleCatalogueReport
13-08-2011North Wales Suffolk Sheep Breeders Association 41st Annual Show & SaleCatalogue
12-08-2011Society Sale - CarlisleCatalogueReportPictures
05-08-2011Society Sale - RoscreaCatalogueReportPictures
02-08-2011Society Sale - BallymenaCatalogueReportPictures
01-08-2011NSA Wales & Border Early Ram Sale 2011CatalogueReport
28-07-2011Northern Area Branch Sale - StirlingCatalogueReportPictures
25-07-2011Dispersal of The Northtyne Suffolk FlockCatalogueReportPictures
22-07-2011National Sale - ShrewsburyCatalogueReportPictures
20-11-2010Dispersal Sale of Wells flockCatalogue
19-11-2010Female SalesCatalogue
06-11-2010Collective Sale of in-lamb females & ewe lambsCatalogue
13-08-2010Society Sale CarlisleCatalogue
06-08-2010Society Sale RoscreaCatalogue
03-08-2010Society Sale Ballymena (Evening)Catalogue
29-07-2010Society Sale EdinburghCatalogue
23-07-2010Society National Sale (Shrewsbury)Catalogue

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