The Suffolk identification for 2015 has changed. Information was sent with your Autumn Return and Birth Notification Form but please click below or contact the office if you reqiuire further clarification.

Pedigree Identification & Tagging


Notching - is no longer compulsory.




Allflex Tag Offer

Allflex Livestock Identification will provide full EID tags for 75p/sheep to all Suffolk pedigree breeders in the UK.

GB members please contact 01450 364120    

NI members please contact Dianne Henderson at Fane Valley (Augher Store)

Tel: 028 8554 9330

Fax: 028 8554 9331

Please ensure that all orders are clearly marked (Allflex Pedigree Tag Offer 75p/set).

Unfortunately due to Government Restrictions this offer is unavailable to our Republic of Ireland members. 364 120